Authorised service dealers for Allett, Atco, Briggs and Stratton, Cub Cadet, Hayter, Mitox, Mountfield, Stiga and Toro. 

Welcome to Lawnmower Services York Limited

Have Your Lawnmowers and Tractors Serviced and Repaired By The Experts

Winter is the best time for you to get your lawnmower and garden machinery serviced so that they are ready for you to use in spring. Avoid the wait in spring and give us a call or bring your machine to Lawnmower Services York Ltd, our team will be happy to help. No matter whether you have a petrol or electric machine, bring it to us to have it serviced or repaired to ensure that you continue to have a long lasting relationship with your lawnmower.

Have Your Hedge Cutters and Chainsaws Sharpened and Serviced Before You Need to Use Them

Hedge cutters, chainsaws, blowers and chipper shredders, why not treat them to a service or a sharpen so you can tidy up the trees and hedges. Book them in for a service to make sure they don’t let you down. Instead of buying a replacement hedge cutter, bring it to be repaired by our team.

Before starting up Lawnmower Services in 2001 in his garage at home, Martin Shepherd had worked in the garden machinery business for 15 years. In 2013 we became a limited company so we are now Lawnmower Services York Ltd. Call today for a reliable service.


Unleaded fuel at our garage forecourts is currently E5 which means it contains 5% ethanol, in September 2021 it will change to E10 which is 10% ethanol. Most petrol cars manufactured from 2011 onwards will not be affected as they are fuel injected. Unfortunately small engine machinery like garden machinery 2 and 4 stroke lawnmowers strimmers etc  are fitted with carburettors which will be badly affected by the increased ethanol in the fuel blend.

Ethanol is hygroscopic which means it pulls moisture from the atmosphere, which mixed with the ethanol corrodes the components of the carburettor, rubber plastic aluminium etc, which results in starting and running problems with your machinery.

With this in mind DO NOT purchase more than 2 weeks supply at one go, or we recommend using Aspen fuel which is an alkylate petrol that has a shelf life of 5 years and contains no ethanol and keeps your machinery running cleaner and promotes easier starting.  click the aspen fuel link below to visit the website.

we stock 4 stroke and ready mixed 2 stroke fuel in 1 litre, 5 litre, and 25 litre contact us for more information.

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We stock the Atco range of lawnmowers and ride on mowers contact us for more details.

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