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The Cobra GCT320HD Hand Cart has a 320kg capacity and is complete with mesh drop down sides. It has steering to the front wheels which also have 4 pneumatic tyres.
› Max. Capacity: 320kg
› Tyres: 13″ Pneumatic with Roller Bearings
› Body: Steel / Mesh
› Steering: Turntable
› Sides: 4 Hinged Drop / Removable Sides
› Bed Size: 124cm (L) x 61cm (W) x 28cm (H)
› Handle: Soft Grip / Towable
› Domestic Warranty: 1 Year

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Agri-Fab Spring Tine Dethatcher


This dethatcher has a 102cm / 40″ working-width, with 20 heat treated/spring loaded tines, making it possible to cover very large areas. It sits on a pair of flat-free tyres that run smoothly over bumpy ground; and it comes with a universal link-pin, which facilitates use with all makes of ride-on mower.

Other benefits include a cantilevered handle, which makes it easy to raise the times for transport; and a heavy duty weight tray, which can be ballasted when more tine-pressure is required.

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Tow behind Lawnmower/Quad or Hand Push

Tipping Trailer

– 300kg (650lbs) load capacity
– Pneumatic tyres for off road
– 5/8 diameter axle
– Poly body
– Bed dimensions 122cm x 95cm x 31cm

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Agri-Fab Push/Tow Roller

The push / tow lawn & garden roller weighs just 40lbs when unballasted (251lbs when the drum is full of water), making it easy to transport and store. It comes with a removable fill-plug that doesn’t require tools for removal; and a universal link-pin for linking up to your lawn tractor. The Polypropylene construction makes for rust proof durability. Rounded roller edges prevent damage to the lawn surface.

The working width is 60cm / 24″ with a drum diameter of 46cm / 18″

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Agri-Fab Aerator

A towed spike aerator for easy and quick coverage of large areas, designed to achieve excellent soil penetration without leaving soil plugs behind, with a large working width of 102cm / 40″.

Its 10 galvanised aeration discs cut into the turf with the resulting slits allowing fertiliser, air, water, light and nutrients to better penetrate the surface – you’ll notice a gradual but marked improvement in grass-condition. The aeration depth can be adjusted by stacking the weight tray. The spikes can be raised to a transport position when moving from lawn to lawn; a foldable hitch makes for easy storage. Supplier with a universal hitch-pin it can be paired-up with any lawn tractor.

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Agri-Fab Steel Tipping Trailer

The Agri-Fab 45-0101 steel tipping trailer is supplied with a universal hitch pin so its compatible with all makes of lawn tractors. With a removable tailgate and single lever release dump mechanism for easier tipping and with a set of ribbed pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride and a 5/8″ diameter axle for strong support.

Additional benefits include a scratch-resistant powder coated finish for longevity and grease nipples which make it easy to keep the wheel bearings lubricated. The load capacity is 750lbs / 340kg.

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Agri-Fab 25 Gal Tow Sprayer

This versatile sprayer will give you the opportunity to use either the boom spray to cover a large area or the ability to use the spot sprayer for precision applications. The 25 Gallon Tow behind sprayer’s 100 psi, 2.2 GPM diaphragm pump is designed for maximum efficiency to provide high hour application. This sprayer also comes with check valves in the boom tips to prevent siphoning and dripping which could lead to lawn spotting.


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Toro Scarifier/Dethatcher 16″

A scarifier, sometimes called a dethatcher, removes the build-up of dead grass and weeds that forms on top of lawns and prevents moisture from reaching the roots. With a powerful Briggs & Stratton® 163cc engine and a wide 40 cm cutting width, this Scarifier helps remove debris so that your lawn gets the nourishment it needs. The large 50 litre grass bag reduces stops for emptying, and the handle folds for compact storage. Most lawns benefit from scarification twice a year.

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Agri-Fab Steel Lawn Roller

With a welded-seam steel construction for strength and durability this wide lawn roller has a large drum capacity of 910lbs / 412kg. It also comers with a scraper bar to prevent clumps of soil from being compacted on the roller drum; and a universal hitch-pin for linking up with your lawn tractor.

With a working width of 122cm / 48″ and a drum diameter of 60cm / 24″.


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Agri-Fab 45 Gal Tow Sprayer

A heavy duty commercial-grade unit, this sprayer features a corrosion and weather proof polypropylene tank with a large capacity of 45 gallons / 205 litres allowing you to treat large areas quickly with its 228cm / 90″ spray width. The tank has level markers for the accurate mixing of chemical and water; and there’s a drain for easy flushing. the inclusion of ample wiring ensures you’ll have no trouble hooking it up to your tractor battery.
A handy on/off control stops the battery draining when the sprayer is connected but not in use.


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